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Memoji Combinations

Not even counting different shades of each color, there are around 2.048 septendecillion combinations of Memojis.
That is a number 55 digits long, over halfway to googol.

two septendecillion forty-eight sexdecillion six hundred eleven quindecillion four hundred thirty-three quattuordecillion seven hundred thirteen tredecillion three hundred ninety duodecillion three hundred eighty-five undecillion six hundred ninety-six decillion two hundred eighty-six nonillion four hundred sixty-nine octillion one hundred fifty-seven septillion seven hundred sixty-one sextillion eight hundred forty-three quintillion two hundred quadrillion

Again, this isn't even taking into account that you can change the tone of each color.

Skin Tones: 17
Freckles: 4
Cheek Colors: 15
Cheeks: 5
Beauty Spot: 7
Hair Color: 15
Hairstyle: 129
Brow Color: 15
Brow Style: 24
Forehead Mark Color: 9
Forehead Mark: 3
Brow Piercing Color: 10
Brow Piercing: 8
Eye Color: 14
Eye: 18
Eyelash: 14
Eyeliner Color: 15
Eyeliner: 8
Eyeshadow Color: 15
Eyeshadow: 5
Head Age: 9
Head Shape: 15
Nose: 3
Nose Piercing Color: 10
Nose Piercing: 8
Lip Color: 16
Mouth: 9
Teeth: 6
Mouth Piercing Color: 10
Mouth Piercing: 12
Tongue Piercing Color: 10
Tongue Piercing: 2
Ear: 3
Left Earring Color: 10
Left Earring: 28
Right Earring Color: 10
Right Earring: 28
Left Audio Color: 11
Left Audio: 3
Right Audio Color: 11
Right Audio: 3
Sideburns: 3
Facial Hair Color: 15
Facial Hair: 132
Facial Hair Highlights: 15
Eyewear Color: 15
Eyewear: 37
Eye Patch Color: 13
Eye Patch: 3
Headwear Color: 13
Headwear: 58
Face Covering Color: 16
Face Covering: 3

Every Animoji

All the presets for Animojis are listed below if you click "Show Animoji".
You can still control these characters if your phone supports FaceID.

🐭 Mouse Mouse Laugh AnimojiMouse Love AnimojiMouse Mindblown AnimojiMouse Sleep AnimojiMouse Star AnimojiMouse Cry AnimojiMouse Kiss AnimojiMouse Silly AnimojiMouse Swear AnimojiMouse Relief AnimojiMouse Surprised AnimojiMouse Angry AnimojiMouse Wink AnimojiMouse Sad AnimojiMouse Happy Animoji
🐙 Octopus Octopus Laugh AnimojiOctopus Love AnimojiOctopus Mindblown AnimojiOctopus Sleep AnimojiOctopus Star AnimojiOctopus Cry AnimojiOctopus Kiss AnimojiOctopus Silly AnimojiOctopus Swear AnimojiOctopus Relief AnimojiOctopus Surprised AnimojiOctopus Angry AnimojiOctopus Wink AnimojiOctopus Sad AnimojiOctopus Happy Animoji
🐮 Cow Cow Laugh AnimojiCow Love AnimojiCow Mindblown AnimojiCow Sleep AnimojiCow Star AnimojiCow Cry AnimojiCow Kiss AnimojiCow Silly AnimojiCow Swear AnimojiCow Relief AnimojiCow Surprised AnimojiCow Angry AnimojiCow Wink AnimojiCow Sad AnimojiCow Happy Animoji
🦒 Giraffe Giraffe Laugh AnimojiGiraffe Love AnimojiGiraffe Mindblown AnimojiGiraffe Sleep AnimojiGiraffe Star AnimojiGiraffe Cry AnimojiGiraffe Kiss AnimojiGiraffe Silly AnimojiGiraffe Swear AnimojiGiraffe Relief AnimojiGiraffe Surprised AnimojiGiraffe Angry AnimojiGiraffe Wink AnimojiGiraffe Sad AnimojiGiraffe Happy Animoji
🦈 Shark Shark Laugh AnimojiShark Love AnimojiShark Mindblown AnimojiShark Sleep AnimojiShark Star AnimojiShark Cry AnimojiShark Kiss AnimojiShark Silly AnimojiShark Swear AnimojiShark Relief AnimojiShark Surprised AnimojiShark Angry AnimojiShark Wink AnimojiShark Sad AnimojiShark Happy Animoji
🦉 Owl Owl Laugh AnimojiOwl Love AnimojiOwl Mindblown AnimojiOwl Sleep AnimojiOwl Star AnimojiOwl Cry AnimojiOwl Kiss AnimojiOwl Silly AnimojiOwl Swear AnimojiOwl Relief AnimojiOwl Surprised AnimojiOwl Angry AnimojiOwl Wink AnimojiOwl Sad AnimojiOwl Happy Animoji
🐗 Boar Boar Laugh AnimojiBoar Love AnimojiBoar Mindblown AnimojiBoar Sleep AnimojiBoar Star AnimojiBoar Cry AnimojiBoar Kiss AnimojiBoar Silly AnimojiBoar Swear AnimojiBoar Relief AnimojiBoar Surprised AnimojiBoar Angry AnimojiBoar Wink AnimojiBoar Sad AnimojiBoar Happy Animoji
🐵 Monkey Monkey Laugh AnimojiMonkey Love AnimojiMonkey Mindblown AnimojiMonkey Sleep AnimojiMonkey Star AnimojiMonkey Cry AnimojiMonkey Kiss AnimojiMonkey Silly AnimojiMonkey Swear AnimojiMonkey Relief AnimojiMonkey Surprised AnimojiMonkey Angry AnimojiMonkey Wink AnimojiMonkey Sad AnimojiMonkey Happy Animoji
🤖 Robot Robot Laugh AnimojiRobot Love AnimojiRobot Mindblown AnimojiRobot Sleep AnimojiRobot Star AnimojiRobot Cry AnimojiRobot Kiss AnimojiRobot Silly AnimojiRobot Swear AnimojiRobot Relief AnimojiRobot Surprised AnimojiRobot Angry AnimojiRobot Wink AnimojiRobot Sad AnimojiRobot Happy Animoji
🐱 Cat Cat Laugh AnimojiCat Love AnimojiCat Mindblown AnimojiCat Sleep AnimojiCat Star AnimojiCat Cry AnimojiCat Kiss AnimojiCat Silly AnimojiCat Swear AnimojiCat Relief AnimojiCat Surprised AnimojiCat Angry AnimojiCat Wink AnimojiCat Sad AnimojiCat Happy Animoji
🐶 Dog Dog Laugh AnimojiDog Love AnimojiDog Mindblown AnimojiDog Sleep AnimojiDog Star AnimojiDog Cry AnimojiDog Kiss AnimojiDog Silly AnimojiDog Swear AnimojiDog Relief AnimojiDog Surprised AnimojiDog Angry AnimojiDog Wink AnimojiDog Sad AnimojiDog Happy Animoji
👽 Alien Alien Laugh AnimojiAlien Love AnimojiAlien Mindblown AnimojiAlien Sleep AnimojiAlien Star AnimojiAlien Cry AnimojiAlien Kiss AnimojiAlien Silly AnimojiAlien Swear AnimojiAlien Relief AnimojiAlien Surprised AnimojiAlien Angry AnimojiAlien Wink AnimojiAlien Sad AnimojiAlien Happy Animoji
🦊 Fox Fox Laugh AnimojiFox Love AnimojiFox Mindblown AnimojiFox Sleep AnimojiFox Star AnimojiFox Cry AnimojiFox Kiss AnimojiFox Silly AnimojiFox Swear AnimojiFox Relief AnimojiFox Surprised AnimojiFox Angry AnimojiFox Wink AnimojiFox Sad AnimojiFox Happy Animoji
💩 Poop Poop Laugh AnimojiPoop Love AnimojiPoop Mindblown AnimojiPoop Sleep AnimojiPoop Star AnimojiPoop Cry AnimojiPoop Kiss AnimojiPoop Silly AnimojiPoop Swear AnimojiPoop Relief AnimojiPoop Surprised AnimojiPoop Angry AnimojiPoop Wink AnimojiPoop Sad AnimojiPoop Happy Animoji
🐷 Pig Pig Laugh AnimojiPig Love AnimojiPig Mindblown AnimojiPig Sleep AnimojiPig Star AnimojiPig Cry AnimojiPig Kiss AnimojiPig Silly AnimojiPig Swear AnimojiPig Relief AnimojiPig Surprised AnimojiPig Angry AnimojiPig Wink AnimojiPig Sad AnimojiPig Happy Animoji
🐼 Panda Panda Laugh AnimojiPanda Love AnimojiPanda Mindblown AnimojiPanda Sleep AnimojiPanda Star AnimojiPanda Cry AnimojiPanda Kiss AnimojiPanda Silly AnimojiPanda Swear AnimojiPanda Relief AnimojiPanda Surprised AnimojiPanda Angry AnimojiPanda Wink AnimojiPanda Sad AnimojiPanda Happy Animoji
🐰 Rabbit Rabbit Laugh AnimojiRabbit Love AnimojiRabbit Mindblown AnimojiRabbit Sleep AnimojiRabbit Star AnimojiRabbit Cry AnimojiRabbit Kiss AnimojiRabbit Silly AnimojiRabbit Swear AnimojiRabbit Relief AnimojiRabbit Surprised AnimojiRabbit Angry AnimojiRabbit Wink AnimojiRabbit Sad AnimojiRabbit Happy Animoji
🐔 Chicken Chicken Laugh AnimojiChicken Love AnimojiChicken Mindblown AnimojiChicken Sleep AnimojiChicken Star AnimojiChicken Cry AnimojiChicken Kiss AnimojiChicken Silly AnimojiChicken Swear AnimojiChicken Relief AnimojiChicken Surprised AnimojiChicken Angry AnimojiChicken Wink AnimojiChicken Sad AnimojiChicken Happy Animoji
🦄 Unicorn Unicorn Laugh AnimojiUnicorn Love AnimojiUnicorn Mindblown AnimojiUnicorn Sleep AnimojiUnicorn Star AnimojiUnicorn Cry AnimojiUnicorn Kiss AnimojiUnicorn Silly AnimojiUnicorn Swear AnimojiUnicorn Relief AnimojiUnicorn Surprised AnimojiUnicorn Angry AnimojiUnicorn Wink AnimojiUnicorn Sad AnimojiUnicorn Happy Animoji
🦁 Lion Lion Laugh AnimojiLion Love AnimojiLion Mindblown AnimojiLion Sleep AnimojiLion Star AnimojiLion Cry AnimojiLion Kiss AnimojiLion Silly AnimojiLion Swear AnimojiLion Relief AnimojiLion Surprised AnimojiLion Angry AnimojiLion Wink AnimojiLion Sad AnimojiLion Happy Animoji
🐲 Dragon Dragon Laugh AnimojiDragon Love AnimojiDragon Mindblown AnimojiDragon Sleep AnimojiDragon Star AnimojiDragon Cry AnimojiDragon Kiss AnimojiDragon Silly AnimojiDragon Swear AnimojiDragon Relief AnimojiDragon Surprised AnimojiDragon Angry AnimojiDragon Wink AnimojiDragon Sad AnimojiDragon Happy Animoji
💀 Skull Skull Laugh AnimojiSkull Love AnimojiSkull Mindblown AnimojiSkull Sleep AnimojiSkull Star AnimojiSkull Cry AnimojiSkull Kiss AnimojiSkull Silly AnimojiSkull Swear AnimojiSkull Relief AnimojiSkull Surprised AnimojiSkull Angry AnimojiSkull Wink AnimojiSkull Sad AnimojiSkull Happy Animoji
🐻 Bear Bear Laugh AnimojiBear Love AnimojiBear Mindblown AnimojiBear Sleep AnimojiBear Star AnimojiBear Cry AnimojiBear Kiss AnimojiBear Silly AnimojiBear Swear AnimojiBear Relief AnimojiBear Surprised AnimojiBear Angry AnimojiBear Wink AnimojiBear Sad AnimojiBear Happy Animoji
🐯 Tiger Tiger Laugh AnimojiTiger Love AnimojiTiger Mindblown AnimojiTiger Sleep AnimojiTiger Star AnimojiTiger Cry AnimojiTiger Kiss AnimojiTiger Silly AnimojiTiger Swear AnimojiTiger Relief AnimojiTiger Surprised AnimojiTiger Angry AnimojiTiger Wink AnimojiTiger Sad AnimojiTiger Happy Animoji
🐨 Koala Koala Laugh AnimojiKoala Love AnimojiKoala Mindblown AnimojiKoala Sleep AnimojiKoala Star AnimojiKoala Cry AnimojiKoala Kiss AnimojiKoala Silly AnimojiKoala Swear AnimojiKoala Relief AnimojiKoala Surprised AnimojiKoala Angry AnimojiKoala Wink AnimojiKoala Sad AnimojiKoala Happy Animoji
🦖 Dinosaur Dinosaur Laugh AnimojiDinosaur Love AnimojiDinosaur Mindblown AnimojiDinosaur Sleep AnimojiDinosaur Star AnimojiDinosaur Cry AnimojiDinosaur Kiss AnimojiDinosaur Silly AnimojiDinosaur Swear AnimojiDinosaur Relief AnimojiDinosaur Surprised AnimojiDinosaur Angry AnimojiDinosaur Wink AnimojiDinosaur Sad AnimojiDinosaur Happy Animoji
👻 Ghost Ghost Laugh AnimojiGhost Love AnimojiGhost Mindblown AnimojiGhost Sleep AnimojiGhost Star AnimojiGhost Cry AnimojiGhost Kiss AnimojiGhost Silly AnimojiGhost Swear AnimojiGhost Relief AnimojiGhost Surprised AnimojiGhost Angry AnimojiGhost Wink AnimojiGhost Sad AnimojiGhost Happy Animoji

Corresponding Emojis: 🐭 🐙 🐮 🦒 🦈 🦉 🐗 🐵 🤖 🐱 🐶 👽 🦊 💩 🐷 🐼 🐰 🐔 🦄 🦁 🐲 💀 🐻 🐯 🐨 🦖 👻
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