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Discord uses Twitter's open-source Twemoji set in their web and PC applications.

Huge Discord Formatting Guide

Invisible Discord Name

Invisible Discord Message

Custom Server Emojis

Emoji picker button image.
Discord allows 50 custom image emojis and 50 custom animated emojis by default.
More slots can be unlocked using Discord Nitro Boosts.

Twitch Subscription Emotes

Discord will integrate your Twitch subscription emotes if you have your Twitch account linked and are in a partnered Discord server owned by the Twitch streamer. These can be used as if you had Discord Nitro.

Global (GW) Emojis

Some servers have global emojis that you can use anywhere.

These are brought in with a site called GameWisp, which doesn't exist anymore. Due to this, global emote servers have been told they're getting taken away soon.

Special Users

Discord#0000 - 643945264868098049
Community Updates#0000 - 669627189624307712

Trick'cord Treat

Discord launched an official bot for Halloween. It involved typing h!trick or h!treat to visitors that come to a channel.

Trick'cord Treat#1944 - 755580145078632508

The image links for the characters had a special format.

These images are direct links to Discord. Copy Image Link to see more.


Stickers will be coming to Discord soon. They will all be limited edition and cost money. Nitro users will get some exclusive stickers for free.

When these are released, more info will be here.