Invisible Unicode Characters and Spaces

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Some text characters are "non-printing", which means they do not have a symbol and display as a blank space. These are also called whitespace. Some are "zero-width", which means they take up no space. Below is a list of all invisible characters. You can use them to have a blank display name on social media websites or games.

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Zero Width Space:
Zero Width Joiner:
Zero Width Non-Joiner: ‍‌
Variation Selector-16:
Variation Selector-15:
Hangul Filler U+3164:
Hangul Jungseong Filler:
Right-to-Left Override:
Left-to-Right Override:
Ideographic Space:  
No-Break Space:  
Thin Space:
Hair Space:
Blank Braille Pattern:
Tab Indent:

Invisible Separator:
Em Space:
En Space:
Em Quad:
En Quad:  
Three-Per-Em Space:
Four-Per-Em Space:
Six-Per-Em Space:
Figure Space:
Punctuation Space:
Left-To-Right Mark:
Right-To-Left Mark:
Narrow No-Break Space:
Word Joiner:
Arabic Fathatan: ً
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