HTML Entities

HTML entities are codes used to insert symbols into HTML documents. Some characters have named entities, like © for ©. Others have numeric entities, like © for ©, which uses their Unicode decimal value instead. HTML entities are case-sensitive.

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Common Symbols

®®Registered Trademark
℃Degrees Celsius
℉Degrees Fahrenheit
↑Up Arrow
↓Down Arrow
←Left Arrow
→Right Arrow
†Dagger / Cross
•Bullet Point
¿¿Inverted Question Mark
¡¡Inverted Exclamation Mark
²²Squared / Superscript 2
³³Cubed / Superscript 3
¼¼1 Quarter Fraction
½½1 Half Fraction
¾¾3 Quarters Fraction
√Square Root
ππPi / 3.14
⌘Command Key


<&lt;Less Than
>&gt;Greater Than
&ndash;En Dash
&mdash;Em Dash
#&num;Number Sign / Hashtag
&lsquo;Left Single Quote
&rsquo;Right Single Quote
&sbquo;Low Single Quote
"&quot;Double Quote
&ldquo;Left Double Quote
&rdquo;Right Double Quote
&bdquo;Low Double Quote
&lsaquo;Left Angle Quote
&rsaquo;Right Angle Quote
&dagger;Dagger / Cross
&Dagger;Double Dagger
&bull;Bullet Point
&hellip;Horizontal Ellipsis
&permil;Per Mille
&Prime;Double Prime
!&excl;Exclamation Point
&#8252;Double Exclamation Point
?&quest;Question Mark
&#8264;Question Exclamation Point
&frasl;Fraction Slash
&#8267;Reversed Pilcrow
$&dollar;Dollar Sign
%&percnt;Percent Sign
(&lpar;Left Parenthesis
)&rpar;Right Parenthesis
+&plus;Plus Sign
±&plusmn;Plus-Minus Sign
.&period;Full Stop / Period
All Punctuation Marks


&Tab;Tab Indent
&NewLine;Line Break
 &nbsp;Non-breaking Space
&ensp;En Space
&emsp;Em Space
&thinsp;Thin Space
&zwnj;Zero Width Non-joiner
&zwj;Zero Width Joiner
&lrm;Left-To-Right Override
&rlm;Right-To-Left Override
All Invisible Characters


¤&curren;General Currency
All Currency Symbols

More Text Symbols
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