Windows Alt Codes

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Alt codes are keyboard shortcuts that let you easily type a special text symbol. Alt codes can be done by holding down the Alt key on the numpad, and pressing each number in the code. If you don't have a numpad, try holding Alt and Fn at the same time. If Numlock is disabled, this may not work right.

CharacterAlt CodeName
Alt + 1Smiley Face
Alt + 2Inverted Smiley Face
Alt + 3Hearts
Alt + 4Diamonds
Alt + 5Clubs
Alt + 6Spades
Alt + 7Bullet Point
Alt + 8Inverted Bullet Point
Alt + 9Circle
Alt + 10Inverted Large Bullet Point
Alt + 11Male Sign
Alt + 12Female Sign
Alt + 13Eighth Note
Alt + 14Two Eighth Notes
Alt + 15Sun
Alt + 16Right Triangle Arrow
Alt + 17Left Triangle Arrow
Alt + 18Up-Down Arrow
Alt + 19Double Exclamation Mark
Alt + 20Paragraph Sign
§Alt + 21Section Sign
Alt + 22Black Rectangle
Alt + 23Up-Down Arrow with Base
Alt + 24Up Arrow
Alt + 25Down Arrow
Alt + 26Right Arrow
Alt + 27Left Arrow
Alt + 28Right Angle Symbol
Alt + 29Left and Right Arrow
Alt + 30Up Triangle Arrow
Alt + 31Down Triangle Arrow
!Alt + 33Exclamation Mark
Alt + 34Quote
#Alt + 35Number Sign
$Alt + 36Dollar Sign
%Alt + 37Percent Sign
&Alt + 38Ampersand
Alt + 39Apostrophe
(Alt + 40Left Parenthesis
)Alt + 41Right Parenthesis
*Alt + 42Asterisk
+Alt + 43Plus Sign
,Alt + 44Comma
-Alt + 45Hyphen / Dash
.Alt + 46Period
/Alt + 47Slash
0Alt + 48Digit Zero
1Alt + 49Digit One
2Alt + 50Digit Two
3Alt + 51Digit Three
4Alt + 52Digit Four
5Alt + 53Digit Five
6Alt + 54Digit Six
7Alt + 55Digit Seven
8Alt + 56Digit Eight
9Alt + 57Digit Nine
:Alt + 58Colon
;Alt + 59Semicolon
<Alt + 60Less Than Sign
=Alt + 61Equal Sign
>Alt + 62Greater Than Sign
?Alt + 63Question Mark
@Alt + 64At Sign
[Alt + 91Left Bracket
\Alt + 92Backslash
]Alt + 93Right Bracket
^Alt + 94Caret
_Alt + 95Underscore
`Alt + 96Backtick
{Alt + 123Left Brace / Curly Bracket
|Alt + 124Vertical Bar
}Alt + 125Right Brace / Curly Bracket
~Alt + 126Tilde
Alt + 127House
Alt + 0128Euro Sign
Alt + 0130Single Low Quote
Alt + 0132Double Low Quote
Alt + 0133Ellipsis
Alt + 0134Dagger
Alt + 0135Double Dagger
ˆAlt + 0136Circumflex
Alt + 0137Per Mille Sign
Alt + 0139Open Single Angle Quote
Alt + 0145Open Single Quote
Alt + 0146Close Single Quote
Alt + 0147Open Double Quote
Alt + 0148Close Double Quote
Alt + 0150En Dash
Alt + 0151Em Dash
Alt + 0153Trademark
Alt + 0155Close Single Angle Quote
¢Alt + 155Cent Sign
£Alt + 156Pound Sterling Sign
¥Alt + 157Yen and Yuan Sign
Alt + 158Peseta Sign
¤Alt + 0164Currency Sign
¦Alt + 0166Vertical Bar
ªAlt + 166Feminine Ordinal Indicator
ºAlt + 167Masculine Ordinal Indicator
¿Alt + 168Inverted Question Mark
¨Alt + 0168Diaeresis
©Alt + 0169Copyright
Alt + 169Reversed Not Sign
¬Alt + 170Not Sign
½Alt + 171Vulgar Fraction One Half
¼Alt + 172Vulgar Fraction One Quarter
¡Alt + 173Inverted Exclamation Mark
«Alt + 174Open Double Angle Quote
®Alt + 0174Registered Trademark
»Alt + 175Close Double Angle Quote
¯Alt + 0175Macron
Alt + 176Light Shade
Alt + 177Medium Shade
Alt + 178Dark Shade
Alt + 179Vertical Box Drawing
³Alt + 0179Cubed Sign
´Alt + 0180Accent
Alt + 180Vertical and Left Box Drawing
Alt + 181Vertical Single and Left Double Box Drawing
Alt + 182Vertical Double and Left Single Box Drawing
Alt + 183Down Double and Left Single Box Drawing
¸Alt + 0184Cedilla
Alt + 184Down Single And Left Double Box Drawing
Alt + 185Double Vertical and Left Box Drawing
¹Alt + 0185Superscript Number One
Alt + 186Double Vertical Box Drawing
Alt + 187Down Double and Left Single Box Drawing
Alt + 188Double Up and Left Box Drawing
Alt + 189Up Double and Left Single Box Drawing
Alt + 190Up Single and Left Double Box Drawing
¾Alt + 0190Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters
Alt + 191Down and Left Box Drawing
Alt + 192Up and Right Box Drawing
Alt + 193Up and Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 194Down and Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 195Vertical and Right Box Drawing
Alt + 196Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 197Vertical and Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 198Vertical Single and Right Double Box Drawing
Alt + 199Vertical Double and Right Single Box Drawing
Alt + 200Double Up and Right Box Drawing
Alt + 201Double Down and Right Box Drawing
Alt + 202Double Up and Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 203Double Down and Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 204Double Right and Vertical Box Drawing
Alt + 205Double Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 206Double Vertical and Horizontal Box Drawing
Alt + 207Up Single and Horizontal Double Box Drawing
Alt + 208Up Double and Horizontal Single Box Drawing
Alt + 209Down Single and Horizontal Double Box Drawing
Alt + 210Down Double and Horizontal Single Box Drawing
Alt + 211Up Double and Right Single Box Drawing
Alt + 212Up Single and Right Double Box Drawing
Alt + 213Down Single and Right Double Box Drawing
Alt + 214Down Double and Right Single Box Drawing
×Alt + 0215Multiplication Sign
Alt + 215Vertical Double and Horizontal Single Box Drawing
Alt + 216Vertical Single and Horizontal Double Box Drawing
Alt + 217Up and Left Box Drawing
Alt + 218Down and Right Box Drawing
Alt + 219Full Block
Alt + 220Lower Half Block
Alt + 221Left Half Block
Alt + 222Right Half Block
Alt + 223Upper Half Block
Alt + 236Infinity Symbol
Alt + 239Intersection
Alt + 240Equivalent To Sign
±Alt + 241Plus-Minus Sign
Alt + 242Greater Than or Equal To Sign
Alt + 243Less Than or Equal To Sign
Alt + 244Top-Half Intergral Symbol
Alt + 245Bottom-Half Integral Symbol
÷Alt + 246Division Sign
Alt + 247Almost Equal To Sign
°Alt + 248Degree Sign
Alt + 249Bullet Operator
·Alt + 250Interpunct
Alt + 251Square Root Sign
²Alt + 253Squared Sign
Alt + 254Black Square
AAlt + 65Capital A
BAlt + 66Capital B
CAlt + 67Capital C
DAlt + 68Capital D
EAlt + 69Capital E
FAlt + 70Capital F
GAlt + 71Capital G
HAlt + 72Capital H
IAlt + 73Capital I
JAlt + 74Capital J
KAlt + 75Capital K
LAlt + 76Capital L
MAlt + 77Capital M
NAlt + 78Capital N
OAlt + 79Capital O
PAlt + 80Capital P
QAlt + 81Capital Q
RAlt + 82Capital R
SAlt + 83Capital S
TAlt + 84Capital T
UAlt + 85Capital U
VAlt + 86Capital V
WAlt + 87Capital W
XAlt + 88Capital X
YAlt + 89Capital Y
ZAlt + 90Capital Z
aAlt + 97Lowercase A
bAlt + 98Lowercase B
cAlt + 99Lowercase C
dAlt + 100Lowercase D
eAlt + 101Lowercase E
fAlt + 102Lowercase F
gAlt + 103Lowercase G
hAlt + 104Lowercase H
iAlt + 105Lowercase I
jAlt + 106Lowercase J
kAlt + 107Lowercase K
lAlt + 108Lowercase L
mAlt + 109Lowercase M
nAlt + 110Lowercase N
oAlt + 111Lowercase O
pAlt + 112Lowercase P
qAlt + 113Lowercase Q
rAlt + 114Lowercase R
sAlt + 115Lowercase S
tAlt + 116Lowercase T
uAlt + 117Lowercase U
vAlt + 118Lowercase V
wAlt + 119Lowercase W
xAlt + 120Lowercase X
yAlt + 121Lowercase Y
zAlt + 122Lowercase Z
ÇAlt + 128Capital C With Cedilla
üAlt + 129Lowercase U With Diaeresis
éAlt + 130Lowercase E With Acute
âAlt + 131Lowercase A With Circumflex
äAlt + 132Lowercase A With Diaeresis
àAlt + 133Lowercase A With Grave
åAlt + 134Lowercase A With Ring Above
çAlt + 135Lowercase C With Cedilla
êAlt + 136Lowercase E With Circumflex
ëAlt + 137Lowercase E With Diaeresis
èAlt + 138Lowercase E With Grave
ŠAlt + 0138Capital S With Caron
ïAlt + 139Lowercase I With Diaeresis
îAlt + 140Lowercase I With Circumflex
ŒAlt + 0140Capital Ligature Oe
ìAlt + 141Lowercase I With Grave
ÄAlt + 142Capital A With Diaeresis
ŽAlt + 0142Capital Z With Caron
ÅAlt + 143Capital A With Ring Above
ÉAlt + 144Capital E With Acute
æAlt + 145Lowercase AE
ÆAlt + 146Capital AE
ôAlt + 147Lowercase O With Circumflex
öAlt + 148Lowercase O With Diaeresis
òAlt + 149Lowercase O With Grave
ûAlt + 150Lowercase U With Circumflex
ùAlt + 151Lowercase U Grave
ÿAlt + 152Lowercase Y With Diaeresis
ÖAlt + 153Capital O With Diaeresis
šAlt + 0154Lowercase S With Caron
ÜAlt + 154Capital U With Diaeresis
œAlt + 0156Lowercase Ligature Oe
žAlt + 0158Lowercase Z With Caron
ƒAlt + 159Lowercase F With Hook
ŸAlt + 0159Capital With Diaeresis
áAlt + 160Lowercase A With Acute
íAlt + 161Lowercase I With Acute
óAlt + 162Lowercase O With Acute
úAlt + 163Lowercase U With Acute
ñAlt + 164Lowercase N With Tilde
ÑAlt + 165Capital N With Tilde
ÀAlt + 0192Capital A With Grave
ÁAlt + 0193Capital A With Acute
ÂAlt + 0194Capital A With Circumflex
ÃAlt + 0195Capital A With Tilde
ÈAlt + 0200Capital E With Grave
ÊAlt + 0202Capital E With Circumflex
ËAlt + 0203Capital E With Diaeresis
ÌAlt + 0204Capital I With Grave
ÍAlt + 0205Capital I With Acute
ÎAlt + 0206Capital I With Circumflex
ÏAlt + 0207Capital I With Diaeresis
ÐAlt + 0208Capital Eth
ÒAlt + 0210Capital O With Grave
ÓAlt + 0211Capital O With Acute
ÔAlt + 0212Capital O With Circumflex
ÕAlt + 0213Capital O With Tilde
ØAlt + 0216Capital O With Stroke
ÙAlt + 0217Capital U With Grave
ÚAlt + 0218Capital U With Acute
ÛAlt + 0219Capital U With Circumflex
ÝAlt + 0221Capital Y With Acute
ÞAlt + 0222Capital Thorn
αAlt + 224Greek Lowercase Alpha
ßAlt + 225Greek Lowercase Beta
ΓAlt + 226Greek Capital Gamma
ãAlt + 0227Lowercase A With Tilde
πAlt + 227Greek Lowercase Pi
ΣAlt + 228Greek Capital Sigma
σAlt + 229Greek Lowercase Sigma
µAlt + 230Greek Lowercase Mu
τAlt + 231Greek Lowercase Tau
ΦAlt + 232Greek Capital Phi
ΘAlt + 233Greek Capital Theta
ΩAlt + 234Greek Capital Omega
δAlt + 235Greek Lowercase Delta
φAlt + 237Greek Lowercase Phi
εAlt + 238Greek Lowercase Epsilon
ðAlt + 0240Lowercase Eth
õAlt + 0245Lowercase O With Tilde
øAlt + 0248Lowercase O With Slash
Alt + 252Superscript Lowercase N
ýAlt + 0253Lowercase Y With Acute
þAlt + 0254Lowercase Thorn
ĀAlt + 0256Capital A With Macron
āAlt + 0257Lowercase A With Macron
ĂAlt + 0258Capital A With Caron
ăAlt + 0259Lowercase A With Caron
ĄAlt + 0260Capital A With Ogonek
ąAlt + 0261Lowercase A With Ogonek
ĆAlt + 0262Capital C With Acute
ćAlt + 0263Lowercase C With Acute
ĈAlt + 0264Capital C With Circumflex
ĉAlt + 0265Lowercase C With Circumflex
ĊAlt + 0266Capital C With Dot Above
ċAlt + 0267Lowercase C With Dot Above
ČAlt + 0268Capital C With Caron
čAlt + 0269Lowercase C With Caron
ĎAlt + 0270Capital D With Caron
ďAlt + 0271Lowercase D With Caron
ĐAlt + 0272Capital D With Stroke
đAlt + 0273Lowercase D With Stroke
ĒAlt + 0274Capital E With Stroke
ēAlt + 0275Lowercase E With Stroke
ĔAlt + 0276Capital E With Breve
ĕAlt + 0277Lowercase E With Breve
ĖAlt + 0278Capital E With Dot Above
ėAlt + 0279Lowercase E With Dot Above
ĘAlt + 0280Capital E With Ogonek
ęAlt + 0281Lowercase E With Ogonek
ĚAlt + 0282Capital E With Breve
ěAlt + 0283Lowercase E With Breve
ĜAlt + 0284Capital G With Circumflex
ĝAlt + 0285Lowercase G With Circumflex
ĞAlt + 0286Capital G With Breve
ğAlt + 0287Lowercase G With Breve
ĠAlt + 0288Capital G With Dot Above
ġAlt + 0289Lowercase G With Dot Above
ĢAlt + 0290Capital G With Cedilla
ģAlt + 0291Lowercase G With Cedilla
ĤAlt + 0292Capital H With Circumflex
ĥAlt + 0293Lowercase H With Circumflex
ĦAlt + 0294Capital H With Stroke
ħAlt + 0295Lowercase H With Stroke
ĨAlt + 0296Capital I With Tilde
ĩAlt + 0297Lowercase I With Tilde
ĪAlt + 0298Capital I With Macron
īAlt + 0299Lowercase I With Macron
ĬAlt + 0300Capital I With Breve
ĭAlt + 0301Lowercase I With Breve
ĮAlt + 0302Capital I With Ogonek
įAlt + 0303Lowercase I With Ogonek
İAlt + 0304Capital I With Dot Above
ıAlt + 0305Lowercase Dotless I
IJAlt + 0306Capital Ligature Ij
ijAlt + 0307Lowercase Ligature Ij
ĴAlt + 0308Capital J With Circumflex
ĵAlt + 0309Lowercase J With Circumflex
ĶAlt + 0310Capital K With Cedilla
ķAlt + 0311Lowercase K With Cedilla
ĸAlt + 0312Lowercase Kra
ĹAlt + 0313Capital L With Acute
ĺAlt + 0314Lowercase L With Acute
ĻAlt + 0315Capital L With Cedilla
ļAlt + 0316Lowercase L With Cedilla
ĽAlt + 0317Capital L With Caron
ľAlt + 0318Lowercase L With Caron
ĿAlt + 0319Capital L With Middle Dot
ŀAlt + 0320Lowercase L With Middle Dot
ŁAlt + 0321Capital L With Stroke
łAlt + 0322Lowercase L With Stroke
ŃAlt + 0323Capital N With Acute
ńAlt + 0324Lowercase N With Acute
ŅAlt + 0325Capital N With Cedilla
ņAlt + 0326Lowercase N With Cedilla
ŇAlt + 0327Capital N With Caron
ňAlt + 0328Lowercase N With Caron
ʼnAlt + 0329Lowercase N Preceded by an Apostrophe
ŊAlt + 0330Capital Eng
ŋAlt + 0331Lowercase Eng
ŌAlt + 0332Capital O With Macron
ōAlt + 0333Lowercase O With Macron
ŎAlt + 0334Capital O With Breve
ŏAlt + 0335Lowercase O With Breve
ŐAlt + 0336Capital O With Double Acute
őAlt + 0337Lowercase O With Double Acute
ŔAlt + 0340Capital R With Acute
ŕAlt + 0341Lowercase R With Acute
ŖAlt + 0342Capital R With Cedilla
ŗAlt + 0343Lowercase R With Cedilla
ŘAlt + 0344Capital R With Caron
řAlt + 0345Lowercase R With Caron
ŚAlt + 0346Capital S With Acute
śAlt + 0347Lowercase S With Acute
ŜAlt + 0348Capital S With Circumflex
ŝAlt + 0349Lowercase S With Circumflex
ŞAlt + 0350Capital S With Cedilla
şAlt + 0351Lowercase S With Cedilla
ŢAlt + 0354Capital T With Cedilla
ţAlt + 0355Lowercase T With Cedilla
ŤAlt + 0356Capital T With Caron
ťAlt + 0357Lowercase T With Caron
ŦAlt + 0358Capital T With Stroke
ŧAlt + 0359Lowercase T With Stroke
ŨAlt + 0360Capital U With Tilde
ũAlt + 0361Lowercase U With Tilde
ŪAlt + 0362Capital U With Macron
ūAlt + 0363Lowercase U With Macron
ŬAlt + 0364Capital U With Breve
ŭAlt + 0365Lowercase U With Breve
ŮAlt + 0366Capital U With Ring Above
ůAlt + 0367Lowercase U With Ring Above
ŰAlt + 0368Capital With Double Acute
űAlt + 0369Lowercase U With Double Acute
ŲAlt + 0370Capital U With Ogonek
ųAlt + 0371Lowercase U With Ogonek
ŴAlt + 0372Capital W With Circumflex
ŵAlt + 0373Lowercase W With Circumflex
ŶAlt + 0374Capital Y With Circumflex
ŷAlt + 0375Lowercase Y With Circumflex
ŹAlt + 0377Capital Z With Acute
źAlt + 0378Lowercase Z With Acute
ŻAlt + 0379Capital Z With Dot Above
żAlt + 0380Lowercase Z With Dot Above
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