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Special Reddit Emojis

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These emojis are available by default when a subreddit enables emojis for the first time.
They can be removed and custom emojis can be added.
They can only be used in post flairs and user flairs if allowed.

:cake: :cake:
:cat_blep: :cat_blep:
:doge: :doge:
:downvote: :downvote:
:hamster: :hamster:
:illuminati: :illuminati:
:kappa: :kappa:
:karma: :karma:
:orly: :orly:
:partyparrot :partyparrot:
:pupper: :pupper:
:redditgold: :redditgold:
:sloth: :sloth:
:table: :table:
:table_flip: :table_flip:
:upvote: :upvote:
:snoo: :snoo:
:snoo_angry: :snoo_angry:
:snoo_biblethump: :snoo_biblethump:
:snoo_dealwithit: :snoo_dealwithit:
:snoo_disapproval: :snoo_disapproval:
:snoo_facepalm: :snoo_facepalm:
:snoo_feelsbadman: :snoo_feelsbadman:
:snoo_feelsgoodman: :snoo_feelsgoodman:
:snoo_hearteyes: :snoo_hearteyes:
:snoo_hug: :snoo_hug:
:snoo_joy: :snoo_joy:
:snoo_putback: :snoo_putback:
:snoo_sad: :snoo_sad:
:snoo_scream: :snoo_scream:
:snoo_shrug: :snoo_shrug:
:snoo_simple_smile: :snoo_simple_smile:
:snoo_smile: :snoo_smile:
:snoo_surprised: :snoo_surprised:
:snoo_tableflip: :snoo_tableflip:
:snoo_thoughtful: :snoo_thoughtful:
:snoo_tongue: :snoo_tongue:
:snoo_trollface: :snoo_trollface:
:snoo_wink: :snoo_wink:
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