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All images here are direct links from Twitch. Copy image link to modify it :)

Twitch has an ever-growing list of emotes, way too many to show and update here.
All global Twitch emotes can be found on

There are also subscriber emotes, which a streamer can set up to give to subscribers.

Bit cheer emotes come in 5 tiers, Twitch Bit Cheer Emote 1 Bit 1, Twitch Bit Cheer Emote 100 Bits 100, Twitch Bit Cheer Emote 1000 Bits 1,000, Twitch Bit Cheer Emote 5000 Bits 5,000 and Twitch Bit Cheer Emote 10000 Bits 10,000.
There are also many other skins for cheers that have different graphics and animations.

Third-party emotes are a thing too, and can only be viewed using BetterTTV or FrankerFaceZ.

Golden Kappa

Every day, 1 user is randomly selected to have the Golden Kappa emote.
Whenever they type their Kappa Kappa emote, it will be replaced with a Golden Kappa Kappa

When hovered over, it shows the normal Kappa name and the Twitch Global message.

How to get the Golden Kappa emote

Limited Time Emotes

Some exclusive emotes can only be unlocked during special events or by participating in a Hype Train.
They are described as Limited-Time Only Emote when hovered over in Twitch chat.

StreamWithPride (Pride Month 2020)

PridePaint PrideWorld PrideCrown PrideKoala PrideHeyyy PrideLove PrideStrong PrideRise PrideHeartL PrideHeartR PrideLion PrideFlower PridePenguin PrideWave PrideUnicorn PrideDragon PrideToucan PrideLGBTea PrideRhino PrideUwu PrideLaugh PrideCute PridePog PrideFloat PrideShrug   

streamerluv (Valentine's 2020)

LuvOops LuvPeekL LuvPeekR LuvSnooze LuvCool LuvUok LuvBrownR LuvBlondeL LuvBlush LuvHearts LuvGift LuvSign LuvBrownL LuvBlondeR   

HAHAHAlidays (Christmas 2019)

HahaSnowhal HahaShrugMiddle HahaNyandeer HahaGingercat HahaReindeer HahaGoose HahaPresent HahaNutcracker HahaElf HahaBaby HahaBall HahaDreidel HahaCat HahaLean HahaPoint HahaHide HahaDoge HahaTurtledove HahaShrugLeft HahaThisisfine HahaShrugRight HahaSweat HahaSleep HahaThink Haha2020   

RPG Megacheer (2019)

RPGAyaya RPGSeven RPGYonger RPGGhosto RPGFei RPGTreeNua RPGBukka RPGBukkaNoo RPGShihu RPGHP RPGMana RPGPhatLoot RPGEmpty RPGEpicSword RPGOops RPGEpicStaff RPGStaff RPGFireball   

Twitch Prime Exclusive Emotes

Twitch has exclusive emotes for users that have Twitch Prime, including Pokémon and Fortnite emotes.

FlipThis TableHere ScaredyCat KappaHD MiniK PrimeYouDontSay PrimeUWot PrimeRlyTho BagOfMemes MindManners PartyPopper PokBlaziken PokCharizard PokGardevoir PokGengar PokCroagunk PokLucario PokMachamp PokMaskedpika PokMewtwo PokPikachu PokSuicune PokWeavile PokAegislash PokBraixen PokChandelure PokGarchomp PokSceptile PokShadowmew FortOne FortBush FortHype FortLlama PokBlastoise PokDarkrai PokDecidueye PokEmpoleon PokScizor   

The emotes below are smileys and have to be activated in your Twitch Prime settings.

Prime Purple Glitch Emotes >( ;) :) B) ;P :D :| <3 :P :O R) :( :/ O_o   

Prime Monkey Emotes O_o :/ <] #/ ;) B) :) >( :D :s :| :O ;P :P :( :7 :> R) <3   

Default Twitch Smiley Robots

:) :( :D >( :| O_o B) :O <3 :/ ;) :P ;P R)   

Modified Emotes

If enabled, the Modify a Single Emote Channel Point reward can put an effect or accessory on a channel's subscriber emotes.
The options update seasonally, but Horizontal Flip, Sunglasses, Squished, Thinking and Greyscale are always available.
An underscore and a suffix is appended to the end of the emote.
Horizontal Flip = _HF
Sunglasses = _SG
Squished = _SQ
Thinking = _TK
Greyscale = _BW
All Suffixes June 2020 Onward

Twitch stores the modified images for every emote already. Here is Kappa_TK Modified Twitch Emote Thinking Kappa
They are stored at
Alternatively, right click an emote and Copy Image Link, then add the suffix in the right spot.

Here are some other interesting ones:
Modified Twitch Emote DansGame Squished Modified Twitch Emote AsexualPride Greyscale Modified Twitch Emote Smile Thinking Modified Twitch Emote LUL Flipped Modified Twitch Emote HolidayCookie Kappa Modified Twitch Emote squadW Thinking