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Invisible Names for TikTok

Special TikTok Emojis

This is a list of hidden TikTok emoji codes.

Simply type any of the following emoji codes into TikTok comments or direct mesasges. They don't work in post descriptions or bios.

These images are direct links to TikTok. Copy Image Link to see more.

[smile] [smile]
[happy] [happy]
[angry] [angry]
[cry] [cry]
[embarrassed] [embarrassed]
[surprised] [surprised]
[wronged] [wronged]
[shout] [shout]
[flushed] [flushed]
[yummy] [yummy]
[complacent] [complacent]
[drool] [drool]
[scream] [scream]
[weep] [weep]
[speechless] [speechless]
[funnyface] [funnyface]
[wicked] [wicked]
[facewithrollingeyes] [facewithrollingeyes]
[sulk] [sulk]
[thinking] [thinking]
[lovely] [lovely]
[greedy] [greedy]
[wow] [wow]
[joyful] [joyful]
[hehe] [hehe]
[slap] [slap]
[tears] [tears]
[stun] [stun]
[cute] [cute]
[blink] [blink]
[disdain] [disdain]
[astonish] [astonish]
[rage] [rage]
[cool] [cool]
[excited] [excited]
[proud] [proud]
[smileface] [smileface]
[evil] [evil]
[angel] [angel]
[laugh] [laugh]
[pride] [pride]
[nap] [nap]
[loveface] [loveface]
[awkward] [awkward]
[shock] [shock]