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These are copypastas that once crashed iPhones and other Apple devices. They have been patched, but you can still use them for fun.

Effective Power (2015)

The Effective Power copypasta crashed iPhones when it appeared in notifications. This was caused by a bug in the way iOS handled Arabic text.

There was also another, longer version:

Telugu (February 2018)

A bug in iOS caused the system to crash when the following Telugu character appeared on screen: జ్ఞా

Click to Copy: జ్ఞా

The symbol makes the sound "jñā". It isn't a single Unicode character, but 5 different ones that appear combined:

Black Point (May 2018)

This copypasta spread on WhatsApp because of its ability to crash your phone when you supposedly tapped on the black circle.

In reality, the dot had nothing to do with it, and would crash no matter where you pressed on the message. It did this because there were about 2000 invisible characters in the message, alternating between left-to-right and right-to-left. This caused the system to get confused and crash when tapping on a character.

More versions:

Sindhi Characters (April 2020)

This one used characters from the Sindhi language that confused iOS's text processor. When somebody received a notification containing the text, they would be stuck in the app they were in and would have to hard restart their iPhone.

Although it usually accompanied emojis, such as the Italian flag or virus emoji because of the COVID-19 outbreak, all that was needed was this text (Click to Copy): بٍٍٍٍََُُُِّّّْرٍٍٍٍََُُِِّّّْآٍٍٍَُّ

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