Roblox Filter Bypass

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How It Works

Use this text tool to quickly convert plain English into special text that you can paste into Roblox chat to evade swear word filters. Simply type or paste words into the first box, and a bypassed font will appear in the second box for you to copy.

Please remember that you should not break the guidelines of Roblox, and using this tool may put your account at risk of getting banned. Use this at your own risk.

This converter contains multiple options for you to try, including letter-symbol replacement, putting more letters in-between each one, a fancy font generator, and a lookalike replacement tool.

You can also use this converter in other games, like Minecraft servers.

You may want to use these invisible characters in your messages or group names:

Zero Width Joiner:
Hangul Filler:
Blank Braille Pattern:

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