Dangerous Minecraft Things

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These are things that should be banned from a creative Minecraft server.
If you can get plugins, just get GriefPrevention instead.

Dangerous Items

Run these commands with repeating command blocks or a datapack:
/clear @a minecraft:<item>
/kill @e[type=item,nbt={Item:{id:"minecraft:<item>"}}]
tnt (Explosions)
flint_and_steel (Fire)
tnt_minecart (Explosions)
command_block_minecart (Unwanted Commands)
end_crystal (Explosions)
experience_bottle (Lag)
trident (Lightning)
lava_bucket (Lava)
firework_rocket (Lag)
splash_potion (Effects)
lingering_potion (Effects)
tipped_arrow (Effects) spawner (Mob Spawning)

Dangerous Entities

Run this command with a repeating command block or a datapack:
/kill @e[type=minecraft:<item>]
area_effect_cloud (Extreme Lag; Effects; Huge Entities)
arrow (Loud Sounds via SoundEvent)
command_block_minecart (Unwanted Commands)
creeper (Explosions)
dragon_fireball (Explosions)
end_crystal (Explosions; Large Beams)
ender_dragon (Destruction)
falling_block (Command Blocks; Structure Blocks; Spawners)
fireball (Explosions; Fire)
firework_rocket (Lag)
ghast (Loud; Fire; Explosions; Big)
lightning_bolt (Fire; Loud)
magma_cube (Huge Entities)
phantom (Huge Entities; Endless Insomnia)
potion (Effects)
slime (Huge Entities)
small_fireball (Explosions; Fire)
spawner_minecart (Mass Entity Spawning)
spectral_arrow (Loud Sounds via SoundEvent)
tnt (Explosions)
Explosions (Explosions)
Trident (Lightning)
wither (Destruction; Huge Entities)
wither_skull (Explosions)
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