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Minecraft Bedrock Secret Emojis

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Minecraft has secret text symbols available on Bedrock Edition. You can copy and paste them into chat, signs, or anywhere else with the Minecraft font.

They are actually Private Use Area Unicode characters used internally for game controls, mechanics, and icons. The control icons are only available on the platform they're made for, for example, Xbox controller buttons are only available on the Xbox version of Minecraft.

Copy the character in the 3rd row. It should look like an invalid character until you paste it into Minecraft Bedrock.

Name Platform Character Unicode In game
Food Icon All U+E100
Armor Icon All U+E101
Minecoin All U+E102
Code Builder Button All U+E103
Token All U+E105
Craftable Toggle On All U+E0A0
Craftable Toggle Off All U+E0A1
Immersive Reader Button All U+E104
Foward Arrow Button Mobile U+E080
Left Arrow Button Mobile U+E081
Backwards Arrow Button Mobile U+E082
Right Arrow Button Mobile U+E083
Jump Button Mobile U+E084
Crouch Button Mobile U+E085
Fly Up Button Mobile U+E086
Fly Down Button Mobile U+E087
A Button Xbox U+E000
B Button Xbox U+E001
X Button Xbox U+E002
Y Button Xbox U+E003
LB Button Xbox U+E004
RB Button Xbox U+E005
LT Button Xbox U+E006
RT Button Xbox U+E007
Select Button Xbox U+E008
Start Button Xbox U+E009
Left Stick Button Xbox U+E00A
Right Stick Button Xbox U+E00B
D-Pad Up Button Xbox U+E00C
D-Pad Left Button Xbox U+E00D
D-Pad Down Button Xbox U+E00E
D-Pad Right Button Xbox U+E00F
Cross Button Play Station U+E020
Circle Button Play Station U+E021
Square Button Play Station U+E022
Triangle Button Play Station U+E023
L1 Button Play Station U+E024
R1 Button Play Station U+E025
L2 Button Play Station U+E026
R2 Button Play Station U+E027
Select Button Play Station U+E028
Start Button Play Station U+E029
Left Stick Button Play Station U+E02A
Right Stick Button Play Station U+E02B
D-Pad Up Button Play Station U+E02C
D-Pad Left Button Play Station U+E02D
D-Pad Down Button Play Station U+E02E
D-Pad Right Button Play Station U+E02F
A Button Nintendo U+E040
B Button Nintendo U+E041
X Button Nintendo U+E042
Y Button Nintendo U+E043
L Button Nintendo U+E044
R Button Nintendo U+E045
ZL Button Nintendo U+E046
ZR Button Nintendo U+E047
- Button Nintendo U+E048
+ Button Nintendo U+E049
Left Stick Button Nintendo U+E04A
Right Stick Button Nintendo U+E04B
D-Pad Up Button Nintendo U+E04C
D-Pad Left Button Nintendo U+E04D
D-Pad Down Button Nintendo U+E04E
D-Pad Right Button Nintendo U+E04F
Left Mouse Button Windows U+E060
Right Mouse Button Windows U+E061
Middle Mouse Button Windows U+E062
Left Grab Button Windows MR U+E0C0
Right Grab Button Windows MR U+E0C1
Menu Button Windows MR U+E0C2
Left Stick Button Windows MR U+E0C3
Right Stick Button Windows MR U+E0C4
Left Touchpad Button Windows MR U+E0C5
Left Touchpad Horizontal Button Windows MR U+E0C6
Left Touchpad Vertical Button Windows MR U+E0C7
Right Touchpad Button Windows MR U+E0C8
Right Touchpad Horizontal Button Windows MR U+E0C9
Right Touchpad Vertical Button Windows MR U+E0CA
Left Trigger Button Windows MR U+E0CB
Right Trigger Button Windows MR U+E0CC
Windows Windows MR U+E0CD
0 Button Rift U+E0E0
A Button Rift U+E0E1
B Button Rift U+E0E2
Left Grab Button Rift U+E0E3
Right Grab Button Rift U+E0E4
Left Stick Button Rift U+E0E5
Right Stick Button Rift U+E0E6
Left Trigger Button Rift U+E0E7
Right Trigger Button Rift U+E0E8
X Button Rift U+E0E9
Y Button Rift U+E0EA