Emoji Proposals

Have you ever been swiping away at the emoji keyboard, trying to find the one emoji that you need? Maybe you've tried Googling it, and found no results. That emoji may not exist! How would you request for it to be made? Find out here!

Proposal document for the Bison emoji

The Unicode Consortium is in control of what emojis get added to everybody's smartphones and devices. The process is long, it takes at least two years for an emoji to be accepted from start to finish.

Requesting an emoji requires a strong, formal proposal document. Once sent, it is voted upon by multiple members, including companies and individuals. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Netflix, and many other corporations are voting members. Even some governments are part of it, like India.

The proposal must include the expected usage of the emoji, image examples and evidence of its relevancy, and much more.

You can see all of the emojis ever requested here.

The guide to making a proposal can be found here.

For reference, check out the proposal for the Bison 🦬 emoji here.

You can also officialy "adopt" an existing emoji or other character on Unicode Adopt-a-Character.

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