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This page includes things for Scratch, the online block coding platform.

Special Scratch Emojis

These images are direct links to Scratch. Copy Image Link to see more.

Custom Scratch emojis work in comments, projects, studios, and profiles.

_meow_ _meow_
_gobo_ _gobo_
_waffle_ _waffle_
_taco_ _taco_
_sushi_ _sushi_
_apple_ _apple_
_broccoli_ _broccoli_
_pizza_ _pizza_
_candycorn_ _candycorn_
_10mil_ _10mil_
_map_ _map_
_camera_ _camera_
_suitcase_ _suitcase_
_compass_ _compass_
_binoculars_ _binoculars_
_cupcake_ _cupcake_
_:)_ _:)_
_=^..^=_ _=^..^=_
_:D_ _:D_
_B)_ _B)_
_:P_ _:P_
_;P_ _;P_
_:'P_ _:'P_
_P:_ _P:_
_:3_ _:3_
_<3_ _<3_
_**_ _**_
_:))_ _:))_
_:D<_ _:D<_
_pride_ _pride_
_blm_ _blm_

The following emojis have been removed:

_semicolon_ or _;_ (both no longer available)
_eggplant_ (no longer available)
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