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Twitter Chirp Font

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Twitter's font, called Chirp, is available on Twitter for iOS, Android, and the Twitter Web App. There are many secrets and quirks to the font, with custom Private Use Area Unicode characters and ligatures.

Twitter Logo Character

The Twitter logo symbol is the most popular in the Chirp font. To use the Twitter icon character, type in "[CHIRPBIRDICON]", or copy and paste this character: 

More Characters

There are more secret characters in the Twitter font.

Custom Fractions

To make custom fractions on Twitter, put this character between any numbers: (Click to Copy).

This only works on the Twitter Web App. Please note this is not the forward slash symbol, but the fraction slash symbol. Click it to copy it, then paste it in your Tweet, Twitter display name, or bio.

For example, 7⁄4 will display as 74 on Twitter Web.

You can also use our Font Generator to generate superscript (denominator) and subscript (numerator) numbers, or get the individual characters here.