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Twitter will put a fact-check banner at the bottom of tweets that contain these words.
It brings you to a Twitter Moment titled No, 5G isn't causing coronavirus πŸ€”.

Twitter Get The Facts Fact Check Banner

5G corona
5G oxygen
5G absorption
5G hypoxia
#5Gmindcontrol covid
#5Gmindcontrol corona
#5Gmindcontrol #COVID19
COVID-19 5g radiation (Exact phrase)
COVID-19 #Burn5G
corona #Burn5G
coronavirus #Burn5G
oxygen frequency
oxygen absorption
frequency absorption
corona 5G radiation

Phrases with a line through them worked at some point, but don't anymore.

  1. Not case sensitive (5g oXyGEn βœ…)
  2. Punctuation ("5g"?! Oxygen...!!! βœ…)
  3. Any retweets with comments
  4. Homoglyphs (πŸπ”Ύ 𝕆𝕏𝕐𝔾𝔼ℕ βœ…)
These words seem to stop the banner from showing up

(!) Get the facts about COVID-19
Title: No, 5G isn't causing coronavirus πŸ€”.
Date Published: May 11, 2020
Description: Numerous people have been spreading unsubstantiated stories about 5G technology being linked to the spread of COVID-19. The theory has been debunked by several reputable sources including government officials, and experts in the tech and medical industries.
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