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This page has a list of special links you can add to your Twitter bio. They have Unicode characters as top level domain names / domain extensions.

If you want to generate your own, click here and follow the instructions.

If you don't want any text and only a symbol, replace "replaceme" with "www".

The preview on the left is what the link ends with, and the URL on the right is what you need to put into Twitter. Have fun with your new aesthetic layout!

Click here for a list of aesthetic symbols.


replaceme.‹3 - http://replaceme.xn--3-cjn

replaceme.<3 - http://replaceme.xn--3-cjn

replaceme.♡̷̷ˎˊ˗ - http://replaceme.xn--0qah2a36aa4215c

replaceme.♡ - http://replaceme.xn--c6h

replaceme.♡ˎˊ˗ - http://replaceme.xn--0qah2a8914a

replaceme.♡ˊˎ-˗ - http://replaceme.xn----r7am0457a

replaceme.ᥫ᭡ - http://replaceme.xn--jhfz3g

replaceme.❥ - http://replaceme.xn--rei

replaceme.ღ - http://replaceme.xn--7od

replaceme.💞 - http://replaceme.xn--9r8h

replaceme.❤️ - http://replaceme.xn--qei9934e

replaceme.❤ - http://replaceme.xn--qei

replaceme.🖤 - http://replaceme.xn--rz8h

replaceme.❦ - http://replaceme.xn--sei

replaceme.❣︎ - http://replaceme.xn--pei

Gender, LGBTQ+

replaceme.♀ - http://replaceme.xn--e5h

replaceme.♂ - http://replaceme.xn--g5h

replaceme.⚧ - http://replaceme.xn--c8h

replaceme.⚢ - http://replaceme.xn--67h

replaceme.⚣ - http://replaceme.xn--77h

replaceme.🌈 - http://replaceme.xn--og8h

replaceme.⠀she⋅her - http://replaceme.xn--sheher-ye4cw52b

replaceme.⠀he⋅him - http://replaceme.xn--hehim-976bu88a

replaceme.⠀they⋅them - http://replaceme.xn--theythem-bq8du90c

replaceme.⠀she⋅they - http://replaceme.xn--shethey-mk1d967b

replaceme.⠀he⋅they - http://replaceme.xn--hethey-xe4cx52b


replaceme.ˊˎ- - http://replaceme.xn----r7am

replaceme.䨻 - http://replaceme.xn--kop

replaceme.﷽ - http://replaceme.xn--d86c

replaceme.⸻ - http://replaceme.xn--rtj

Nature and Stars

replaceme.๑ - http://replaceme.xn--c5c

replaceme.☁︎ - http://replaceme.xn--l3h

replaceme.✿ - http://replaceme.xn--odi

replaceme.⋆ - http://replaceme.xn--yfh

replaceme.✯ - http://replaceme.xn--7ci

replaceme.✰ - http://replaceme.xn--8ci

replaceme.✪ - http://replaceme.xn--2ci

replaceme.𖤐 - http://replaceme.xn--jm9e

Other Symbols

replaceme.ඞ - http://replaceme.xn--7zc

replaceme.✊🏿 - http://replaceme.xn--5bi4648m

replaceme.🤟 - http://replaceme.xn--7p9h

replaceme.🥺 - http://replaceme.xn--ts9h

replaceme.☺ - http://replaceme.xn--74h

replaceme.🪱 - http://replaceme.xn--p19h

replaceme.𓆏 - http://replaceme.xn--k07d

replaceme.⁷ - http://replaceme.xn--2xg

replaceme.ᴮᴱ - http://replaceme.xn--18fg

replaceme.✄ - http://replaceme.xn--zbi

replaceme.✝ - http://replaceme.xn--pci

replaceme.☪ - http://replaceme.xn--r4h

replaceme.✡ - http://replaceme.xn--tci

replaceme.☮ - http://replaceme.xn--v4h

replaceme.☭ - http://replaceme.xn--u4h

replaceme.Ⓐ - http://replaceme.xn--4th

replaceme.☣︎ - http://replaceme.xn--k4h

replaceme.⚰︎ - http://replaceme.xn--l8h

replaceme.🇺🇸 - http://replaceme.xn--w77hd

Text After Links

To put text after links, like this:​​text right after a link!

Click this to copy an invisible character, and paste it in between the text and a link:
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