Unicode Control Characters

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This is a collection of Unicode control characters. Press a button to copy the character to your clipboard.

Null: Start of Heading: Start of Text: End of Text: End of Transmission: Enquiry: Acknowledge: Bell:
Backspace: Horizontal Tabulation: New Line: Vertical Tabulation: Form Feed: Carriage Return: Shift Out: Shift In:
Data Link Escape: Device Control One: Device Control Two: Device Control Three: Device Control Four: Negative Acknowledge: Synchronous Idle: End of Transmission Block:
Cancel: End of Medium: Substitute: Escape: File Separator: Group Separator: Record Separator: Unit Separator:
XXX U+0080: XXX U+0081: Break Permitted Here: No Break Here: IND: Next Line: Start of Selected Area: End of Selected Area:
Character Tabulation Set: Character Tabulation with Justification: Line Tabulation Set: Partial Line Forward: Partial Line Backward: Reverse Line Feed: Single Shift Two: Single Shift Three:
Device Control String: Private Use One: Private Use Two: Set Transmit State: Cancel Character: Message Waiting: Start of Guarded Area: End of Guarded Area:
Start of String: XXX U+0099: Single Character Introducer: Control Sequence Introducer: String Terminator: Operating System Command: Privacy Message: Application Program Command: Delete:
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