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Discord Formatting Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Basics (Bold, italics, etc.)
2. Spoilers
3. Code Blocks
4. Escaping Text
4.1. Escape Mentions and Emojis
4.2. Normal Emojis
5. Colored Code Blocks
6. Embeds
6.1. Hyperlinks
7. Quoting
8. Protocol Links
9. Invisible Development Link

For the full experience, enable developer mode on Discord.


How to type bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough on Discord
Input Output
Bold **text** text
Italics *text* or _text_ text
Underline __text__ text
Strikethrough ~~text~~ text

You can also combine these, but in specific orders.

Bold-Italics ***text*** text
Underline-Italics __*text*__ text
Bold-Strikethrough ~~**text**~~ text
Underline-Strikethrough ~~__text__~~ text
All Of The Above ~~__***text***__~~ text


How to type spoilers on Discord
|| || Only a Space

Code Blocks

How to type code blocks on Discord

By surrounding text in single ` (the one on the ~tilde~ key) you can make a one-line code block. This will not work for multiple lines. Example: `text`

However, if you surround text in ```, you will create a bigger, multi-line code block.

If you’re using multiple lines, the first line must only contain ```, or else it will be treated as a programming language and not displayed.

All code blocks can also be bolded, italicized, underlined and struckthrough.

Escaping Text

How to escape text on Discord

Putting \ in front of certain characters will cancel it out when Discord tries to format text.

Example: \*text\*

Characters you can escape: ~`!@#$%^&*()_-+={[}]:;"'<>,./?|\

Sometimes \'s will mess with art or something. In this case you must type \\ to escape it.

Escaping Mentions and Emojis

If you happen to put a mention or emoji into a code block or escape it, you’ll notice some weird numbers and stuff. This is how Discord actually sees things like @mentions, #channels, emojis and @roles.

User Mention \@user#1234 → <@101070932608561152> <@USER_ID> <@!USER_ID> (An ! means they have a nickname set) Role Mention \@Admin → <@&482038999607934987> <@&ROLE_ID> Emoji \:AYAYA: → <:AYAYA:519608855987093529> <:NAME:ID> Animated Emoji \:Clap: → <a:Clap:521183484098772993> <a:NAME:ID> Channel Mention \#spam → <#481640594435997706> <#CHANNEL_ID>

If you enter an invalid ID, things will act strange. Side note: Escaped user and role mentions will still ping people!

Normal Emojis

How to type normal emojis on Discord

Escaping a regular emoji will render it as your operating system's native version, instead of the default Twemoji design.

Example: :clap: \:clap: :clap: \:clap: :clap: \:clap: or 👏 \👏 👏 \👏 👏 \👏

Colored Code Blocks

How to type colored text on Discord

If you don’t know about code blocks, read Code Blocks first.

When making a multi-line code block, it can be set to a programming language by typing the language name next to the first ```. When set, Discord will color the text accordingly to the language’s syntax.

Example: ```html
<b>Hello World!</b>```

Green text, Red text, Blue text, Gray text, Yellow text on Discord Blue text, Green text, Yellow text, Blue text, Highlighted text on Discord Blue text, Green text, Yellow text, Red text on Discord

How to type red on Discord
How to type orange on Discord
How to type yellow on Discord
How to type green on Discord
How to type blue on Discord
How to type purple on Discord
How to type pink on Discord
How to type gray on Discord
How to highlight text on Discord


Note: You’re going to need a bot that can send embedded messages to do this part. For this, we will be using a custom bot with an !embed command.

All methods of formatting can be used inside of embeds. However, some things like colored code blocks and hyperlinks do not work in the titles.

If you have the Manage Messages permission, there should be an X next to the embed when hovering over it. Clicking this will remove the embed for the whole server, but without deleting the message it’s attached to.


How to type hyperlinks on Discord

These only work inside of embed descriptions and messages sent by webhooks/followed servers, but not in embed titles.

To create one, put the following text into an embed or webhook message:
Example: [Click Here][
This will produce something like this: Click Here

Also see Protocol Links!


How to type quotes on Discord

Quotes are very similar to embeds, except they can be used by normal users and aren’t collapsable. They still can’t use hyperlinks, but they’re pretty cool anyway.

To make a quote, simply type “> “ and your wanted text. This can only be one line.

Example: > quote

Putting multiple quote lines together will group them into one big quote block.

Example: > quote > quote > quote

And putting “>>> “ will quote the rest of your message! Example:
>>> quote

Protocol Links

How to type protocol links on Discord

Protocol links are used in computers to tell a program to do something.
They look something like this: example://test

In Discord, they do the same thing. However, to type them you need to surround one with < >. You can put any text, as long as :// is in the middle. The left side can contain letters or numbers, and the right side can contain any character except a space. Some characters will be encoded into URL format. For example, ` turns into %60. All capital letters will be turned into lowercase.

Example: <user://1234> <uwu://uwu> <1://2>

There’s also some links that can be used to open applications on whoever clicks’ computer. Here are some of them:

opens Steam
opens your friends list
opens the default browser
tries to call whatever number is 123 (at least on Mac)
Other things that work the same as include skype, teamspeak, spotify, and many more.

Development Link

How to type invisible text on Discord

There exists a strange link that, once put into chat, will completely vanish. That link is “”.

Your message will be blank when you send this alone, probably the shortest a message can ever be.

Any other text will stay the same, though.

hello hello

This can be abused, however. You can add text to the link by putting a + at the end.
This will again be blank.

But what if you add +@everyone or +@here?
Yes, it works…

I’m not really sure what this is supposed to do, but it might be some sort of link for developers to test things, as the link doesn’t work when you remove the “canary.” (Discord’s beta application).