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This tool can generate in-line Discord timestamps for you! Just enter the date and time, choose a format, and copy paste it into your Discord server!

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Discord Formatting Guide

About Discord Timestamps

Timestamps can be typed in Discord messages to include a date, time, or countdown that will constantly be updated and in-sync with every user's timezone and date format settings.

The number that is used is a Unix Timestamp, which counts the number of seconds since January 1st, 1970.

Users will see the exact date and time when they hover over the timestamp.

A list of in-line time stamp formatting options on Discord

You can specify any exact time (to the second) from <t:-8640000000000:R> to <t:8640000000000:R> (April 19, -271821 to September 12, 275760)

Below are the different formats you can use for Discord timestamps.

<t:123456789:d> Month/Day/Year
<t:123456789:f> Month Day, Year Time
<t:123456789:t> Time
<t:123456789:D> Month Day, Year
<t:123456789:F> Weekday, Month Day, Year Time
<t:123456789:R> Time since
<t:123456789:T> Hours:Minutes:Seconds
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